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Oh, Timorous Sun

Beginning with the first thunderstorm of spring, you hid out behind raging clouds

Roiling with wet strategies for a sullen morning.

Flashes of electrons streaking earthward; rolling echos of chaos across the bay

Caused the bed covers to migrate overhead and stifle the slumber interruption.

Tragically, the spring dawn cast little shadow on silky pavements

And the alarm refused to bleat “good day”.

Oh, timorous sun, come shine. Let your rays connect with eyes

Cast down wishing for a  triumphant flag of victory over bristling buds.

Appear majestically as you take over the anxious landscape

And bear down upon the waiting, damp blades of new grass.

Freshen the dark shades of muted colors and angle the shafts

Upon the bleak staring windows of winter past.

Oh, timorous sun, celebrate. Beam the goodness of your core

So that others may take up their work renewed.


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